Commercial & Business

Operating or Starting Business? Transacting with customers and need to secure payments for your services? Concerned about privacy and data-protection on the internet? Want the best marketing and distribution terms for your business? Engaging Vendors and wanting to ensure back-to-back obligations from them? Need to know how to tie up your Vendors or Clients on payment terms to secure payment? Expanding your business or considering a franchise or a collaboration?

Commercial Lawyers, Business Lawyers for Business Transactions

  • procurement agreement
  • vendor or supply contracts
  • service levels
  • lease and tenancy management
  • software development and other I.T. contracts
  • branding agreement
  • marketing agreement
  • distribution agreement
  • e-commerce terms on website
  • business is compliant with relevant laws, regulations and statutes
  • collaboration agreement
  • partnerships
  • joint ventures
  • franchise
  • intellectual property  e.g. license agreement, assignment of intellectual property, registration
  • business agreements 

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