Phone Consultation

Consultation on the Phone with Lawyer for legal advice online, consultation, questions on legal issues, legal assistance

S$39.00 for 30 minutes of Consultation
Over the Phone
With a Singapore practising Lawyer

Arrange for a Call from our Lawyer

  • Text an SMS to our business mobile +65 98195378
  • We shall respond with a text and arrange a convenient time with you
  • If a convenient time is agreed upon, you will click the Paypal button here to make payment
  • After payment is made, we shall call you at the time arranged
  • Consultations over the phone are available from 9 am to 10 pm Monday to Friday

Qualification on our Phone-Consultations

  • By arranging and receiving the Phone-Consultation, you acknowledge and agree that we are neither liable or responsible for the outcome of your matter in question nor are we liable or responsible for any loss or damage that you may suffer in your matter in question; this being only a 15-minute Phone Consultation.
  • Please be advised that our Lawyers are roving Lawyers and there may be some slight noise in the background during the phone consultation.