About Our Director

Director - Elaine Phang

Pic prof 1Our Director, Elaine Phang, holds a LLB (Hons) degree from Queen Mary College, University of London where she graduated in 1992. She did her barrister course in 1993 and was a member of Gray’s Inn, London.  Thereafter, she returned to Singapore and was called to the Singapore bar in 1994.

She is an Associate Mediator of the Singapore Mediation Centre; a Court-appointed Volunteer Mediator and a member of the Singapore Business and Professional Women’s Association.

Elaine has had more than 20 years’ of experience in legal practice which focused  on Company Law and Corporate and Commercial Law and Estate Planning.

She began her career in the Banking Litigation department of a major law firm and later moved in-house for the next 10 years across 3 global MNCs before moving back into corporate and commercial legal practice.

Her experience in the corporate legal arena includes sale and purchase of shares, sale and purchase and assets, project and equity financing and commercial transactions including lease and tenancy management.

Elaine has represented both purchasers and vendors in a number of mergers and acquisitions; one of which was a reverse takeover and another, an acquisition of a formerly publicly traded company.

In funding exercises with venture capitalists, start-up companies and established IT companies, she has provided invaluable advice at the seed, mezzanine and bridge financing stages; which involved preferred equity financing, convertible loan note financing and other forms of debt financing.

During these projects, she kept a close watch on her clients’ interests which varied from risks surfacing at due diligence to securing management rights and subsequently, to formulating lucrative exit strategies at closure.

Her experience also includes project financing of utility projects such as tolls, waste-management and water projects when she was Legal Counsel in one of the three global multinational corporations.

In these project financings, she negotiated and drafted key project agreements and maintained her principal’s financial interests in negotiations on financing documentation by, for instance, making sure that the desired credit enhancement mechanisms were in place.

During her stint as Legal Counsel in a US MNC, she carried a dual portfolio which comprised of legal work of a corporate and commercial nature and  risk management. There, she single-handedly built the Asia-Pacific risk management framework to mitigate risks in all areas, in particular legal and actuarial risks.

At the corporate level, Elaine is steadfast about structuring for her  clients investor-friendly  and regulation-compliant entities to attract and maintain funding and financing.

On the commercial aspects, she manages her clients’ commercial transactions from global transactions and purchases to e-commerce and vendor transactions.

As an outsourced legal services provider to her start-up and SME clients, she ensures they enter into safety-standards-compliant business contracts in e-commerce, in procurement, in marketing and branding, in client-services by ensuring that they operate within risk-mitigated frameworks.

She also adds value to her relations with her clientele by helping them manage and maintain their strategic business alliances with a view to giving the business a sustainable value. “It is always gratifying to see your clients prosper.”

In the area of commercial disputes, Elaine sees numerous advantages in mediation over traditional litigation as a dispute-terminating tool. Her clients are appreciative of the costs and time savings they see in this method of dispute-resolution.

Elaine is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and startups and is passionate about cultivating fresh perspectives to “entrepreneurship”.

Some areas of her continuing legal education include: International Financial Law Executive Program conducted by the New York Institute of Finance; Knowledge Management; Risk Management.